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Lake Aurora is a 501(c)3 organization, accredited by the ECFA, committed to excellence, undergoing voluntary annual audits of its finances, and meeting industry standards of health and safety.

We welcome your gifts of finance and time as we rely on the generosity of our friends to fund the vision of future ministry at Lake Aurora.

You can be involved in the ministry at Lake Aurora in various ways.

Financial donations can be one-time or you can set up a recurring donation by credit card/debit card. Of course we can also accept checks. Please see our address below.

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Tent Pegs - The Benefits of Continuous Regular Giving

Goal: 450 total Tent Pegs committed to be "Debt free" by March 2020!

A goal that was begun for Lake Aurora's 70th Birthday in 2017

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Current Ongoing Upgrade Projects

2016 Waterfront Dock Replacements

Approx. $38,000 - Funded and Completed June 2016 !

The lakefront swim area is a vital piece to the Lake Aurora program. The docks that line both ends of the swim area are in disrepair and need to be replaced for safety and use. To replace both docks with floating composite material will ensure it is a viable program aspect for decades. It was exciting to see this funded and built just in time for our 2016 summer season!

2016 Tower and Zipline Upgrade

Approx. $25,000 - Funded and Completed December 2016!

Our current tower and zipline have been in use since 1998. We are nearing the life span of the poles that support the tower and zipline. We have new plans in place to rebuild an exciting and challenging climbing structure and double zipline component. It is our hope to begin construction in 2016 with full funding in place.

Future Lakeside Chapel Renovation

Approx. $20,000

The Herman and Sadie Davis Porch... a walk-out, second level porch for the Lakeside Chapel that overlooks Lake Aurora which will include indoor, inclusive restrooms. The Davis family was the original caretakers for Lake Aurora in 1947.

Long-Term Designated Project Donations: The Sunshine Project

"Removing the barriers to great experiences, and bringing sunshine to every individual's life, regardless of their mental or physical abilities."

The Sunshine Project is the development of the Lake Aurora campus in such a way that it will meet our present and future needs and, at the same time, make us a premier campus for serving those with disabilities. Below is a list of those expansion projects...

James and John Hillside Leaders and Health Cabins

This double conjoined cabin, by initially leaving out some interior walls, will serve as an intermediate, flexible space that can hold 100 campers in a meeting facility until funding is in place for The Hammock, the much larger multipurpose building. As the Hammock is built (in Phase 2) this structure will transform into the infirmary and leaders cabins for the Hillside campus.
Completed October 2014!
Click here to see its progression with photos on Facebook

Ribbon-cutting ceremony for James & John Cabin


Updating the Lakeside sewage system, chapel modifications, and debt reduction. The State is requiring us to update our sewage system on this south campus to tie into our sewage treatment plant as a condition for any new construction and necessity for replacement of aging systems.

Stirring Waters

An exciting aquatic facility that will not only allow the typical active campus to enjoy but will also be accessible to those with serious disabilities. As beautiful as the waters of Lake Aurora are, historically they have been inaccessible to the ministry at least seven times due to natural issues. This will give us a stabilized and controlled environment to provide more accessibility increasing our ministry opportunities significantly! We are partnering with "Removing the Barriers Initiative", a 501(c)(3) organization, to assist us in raising funds and awareness of this project.

Click here for more info.

Large Assembly Building

Strategically placed near the center of the campus, this large assembly building is planned to be a versatile space to seat 500 yet have partitions to create smaller meeting spaces. Acoustically engineered to offer a worship space for our large retreats and campuswide summer programs.

Completion of the Hillside Campus

To complete the Hillside campus, we have four cabins to complete. We have decided to combine the last four cabins into two footprints of buildings similar to the James/John structure. This will save land space as well as construction costs.

Special Opportunities

  • Legacy Lamp Posts - A landscape project that will shed light on campers and guests at the Dining Hall drive and Hillside area while remembering/ honoring a loved one!
  • Herman & Sadie Davis Porch Fund - A proposed extension of the Chapel overlooking the lakefront in honor of Lake Aurora's first caretakers. It will include an extension that will provide much needed restrooms on the groundfloor as well as the 2nd floor.

Engraved Bricks - Memory Walk

Engraved Brick Example

Order a Brick Today

Create a lasting impression in a unique walkway located around the Redmon Ministry Center. Purchase an engraved brick to bear the name of a loved one, a child who attended camp, or in honor of your church. Use a brick to commemorate a baptism, birthday, anniversary, graduation, or marriage.

Each brick is placed in the "walk of faith" sidewalk leading up to the Ministry Center. Click here for information brochure.

Each stone in the walkway reminds us that common people have come in contact with an uncommon God in this holy place and their lives will never be the same.

Lifetime Giving - Charitable Gift Annuities

An investment in yourself and the future of our youth

A Charitable Gift Annuity is an excellent way for friends of Lake Aurora Christian Camp, to make a gift of significance, while still retaining income from the gift during their lifetime. The Charitable Gift Annuity is administered by the Board of Trustees of Lake Aurora Christian Camp benefiting this ministry.

What is a Charitable Gift Annuity?

Of all the gifts that pay back a lifetime income, the Charitable Gift Annuity may be the simplest and most affordable. It is simply an agreement contract in which you contribute a gift of cash or securities for a guaranteed life income.

What a Gift Annuity Accomplishes?

To decide whether a Charitable Gift Annuity is the right approach to your contribution to ministry, consider the following questions:

  • Do I want to make a gift and still retain income for myself, my spouse or another person?
  • Do I want a guaranteed fixed income from my gift?
  • Would it be helpful to save current income taxes, capital gains taxes or estate taxes?
  • Do I want to make a gift of lasting significance to the Kingdom of God?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, you should further examine the Charitable Gift Annuity.

How the Gift Annuity Works

Lake Aurora Christian Camp issues an annuity certificate (contract which guarantees payments for life to you at the agreed rate of payments based on your age, at the time of your application) after a gift of $3,000 or more (in the form of cash, securities, real estate or other property) along with an annuity application form, has been given to Lake Aurora Christian Camp.

The American Council on Gift Annuities explains this philanthropic opportunity further at

How much will I receive?

Gift Annuity rates are determined by the age of the person or persons who receive the income payments. For a joint or survivorship annuity rate, please contact our office.