Center for Leadership Development

Team Building Elements

Stronghold Adventures:

Get a grip on our 30' climbing tower!

This is the first element in our high ropes course which we call "Stronghold Adventures". It is a continuation of the Center for Leadership Development.

This three-sided tower is unique in that it has four different approaches before ever reaching the climbing wall 12' off the ground. Exit the tower by way of zip line or rappelling.

Young woman ascends climbing tower

Must be 7th grade or older to participate.

Complimenting the high ropes advenures is our Challenge Course consisting of 14 low rope elements which is the core of our Center for Leadership Development.

Signed waiver required of all participants

Wild & Woozie 30 ft. Up!

Pairs Course - Our second element is a four sided element that tests the ability of a pair of participants to work together to successfully complete the element. Intense experience with extreme rewards.

Participants lean on each other to complete high ropes course

Must be 9th grade or older to participate.

Challenge Course - Low Ropes:

Looking to build your team?

Experience the Challenge Course and see the results!

Overcome those obstacles that are weakening your team. See your lines of communication grow, feel the bond of trust strengthen, watch as planning & problem-solving take place.

Participants collaborate on spider web challenge course element

The challenge course consists of 14 low rope elements to create a series of fun & challenging elements. In a world where distance & diverse interest pull people apart, the Challenge Course can draw people together.

What Groups Will Benefit?

All those that need the element of teamwork

Measure Your Results In:

Group size consists of 8-15 people at least 12 years of age and older.
Three groups may experience the low ropes Challenge Course simultaneously for a maximum of 45 participants.

Signed waiver required of all participants